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40 DIY Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom // Brit + Co
Your bedroom is your personal space, and for a lot of us youngins who live at home it’s really the only space that we’ve got. So it has to be fantastic and feel super cozy and most importantly it has to feel like it’s yours. 
Brit + Co have put together a great collection of DIYs that include headboards, accent pillows, lamps, rugs + more to help you brighten up your bedroom. I would definitely check it out. 

Cupid Feather Wings | Ruffled
We’re only in the first week of January and I’m already thinking about Valentine’s Day! It’s hard when the Valentine’s crafts are so pretty and fun. Though these wings might not be for everyone, I still think they’re a fun decoration for the official day of love. You might want to add some glitter dipped feathers to the wings for extra sparkle!

What Polar Vortex? We’re staying inside and fighting the frigid air with our DIY Hot Chocolate—and we think you should, too:
First Dorm Swatch is properly named “Ninja Print”. When you are not wanting to get matchy-match with your roommate, then try using a ninja print or other color! - Get bold sheets/patterned sheets and get a neutral (Black/Grey/White) comforter to go over top! You still get your uniqueness as well as making it more math the rest of the room more automatically, without much effort. Plus, you always start matching with bedding. It’s the most intimate thing in your dorm room!

Announcing: “Dorm Swatches”!

Every Friday, from here on out, I will be presenting Dorm Swatches (themes) that could be done by either buying new or buying used! Meaning Goodwill will come into a great play on this blog! (as if it hasn’t before?) - if you have themes you want me to tackle, let me know. There may be a giveaway in the future! (:

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